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Modern Architecture

Investment Snapshot

Snowy Mountains

2420 MLK Avenue


An adaptative reuse qualified opportunity zone investment to develop a 47-unit mixed use one- and two-bedroom condominium with small retail and parking components. Located in the Anacostia/Berry Farms neighborhood near the Anacostia metro redevelopment area, the development targets professionals seeking city access. The units will be available in late-2024, benefiting from the area's redevelopment and neighboring projects. Project led by CVGS and Perry Construction as the general contractor.

Annual Cash Yields
Project in development
Washington, DC  20020
Investment Date
December 2021
Full Equity
~$ 7 M
Invested Equity
$ 2.7 M
$ 3.3 M
Mixed-Use  Development
Future AUM
~$ 22M
10-Year Projected Returns
20%+ IRR
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