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Investment Snapshot

Snowy Mountains
1224 Brentwood Road.png

1224 Brentwood Road


An adaptive reuse qualified opportunity zone investment to redevelop a 4K sq. ft. single family home into a four two-bedroom / two-bathroom multi-family condominiums with private balconies. Located in the Rhode Island / Brentwood neighborhood near the Rhode Island metro redevelopment area, units are expected on the market in early-2024. Project is being co-developed by CVGS and Bogdan Builders. Investment is structured as preferred equity.

Washington, DC
Multi-Family Housing
Invested Equity
$ 1.6 M
Full Equity
$ 600 K
~$ 2.8 M
Future AUM
Annual Cash Yields
Project in development
10-Year Projected Returns
25%+ IRR
Investment Date
September 2021
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